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Somehow I had put Napa on the back burner, probably the pandemic, or maybe I wanted a change. Well I revisited Sunday mid afternoon and was so happy I did with a friend. The server was wonderful..down to earth: no pretense. She knew and loved the menu. She was invested in the place sincerely and it showed throughout. She seemed proud of the place and being part of it. The food, salad and chocolate mousse ( housemade) was as it always was. SUPER. NICE select wine choice..and served with a touch of style in mini carafes, presented with an inviting pour. Beer choices varied too. We ate outdoors in the shaded patio..removed from the street and parking lot, almost like in a residential barkyard. Easy place to converse! The adjoining coffee shop patio gives a nice mood. Indoors has a nice feel.. as if you’re in somebody s restored Home… upstairs and down…but no goofy furniture. Warm contemporary feeling, not at all industrial or loud. The only thing off here ..are the images on the wall. Unlike the well thought out menu and physical setting.. they may have been a good idea, but render themselves oddly. They detract from the place… almost tacky and give the wrong message. They might do better to hang local art in Napa,Valley Cafe style. Anyway, Ignore the stereotypic images, smile and have a good meal and a good time. Oh! When you enter you can see into the kitchen by design… even wave hi to the staff. Nice feeling..unusual; adds to hominess…which I had never realized. Nice! I m glad I rediscovered the place. I ve missed it. No longer trendy, but in no way stale. Love it…

Edward W. July 25, 2021


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From start to finish, it was an awesome dining experience. Much more than a pizza joint. Would make a good choice for a casual dinner, or a special night with loved ones.

Josh M August 3, 2021