Purchase E-Gift Card


Purchase and send Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria & Bistro ELECTRONIC Gift Cards

for all your co-workers, friends, and family!

Complete the information below and the E-Gift Card will be sent through email when YOU decide.  You may even purchase multiple E-Gift Cards for any number of recipients.  Do all your E-Gift Card shopping at once!

You may purchase E-Gift Cards as a GUEST or log into your Napa Rewards Account.  For information about becoming a Napa Rewards Member Click HERE!

Napa Rewards members may transfer their own E-Gift card balances directly to their Napa Rewards account and never have to keep track of them again.  Attach a credit card to your gift card and set it to auto-reload; just tell your server to “charge your Napa Rewards Gift Account!”

Please be aware that these are ELECTRONIC Gift Cards!  Recipients will not be mailed an actual plastic gift card.  They will receive an email version which they may print out and bring with them or show their server the gift card information on their smart phone.

For a traditional physical PLASTIC Gift Card, please visit one of our Napa locations and we will be happy to encode a card for you.  At this time we only carry the traditional Napa logo/black background gift card style.

ALL Gift Cards as well as E-Gift Cards are valid at all Napa locations!